Dec 4, 2015

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5 Essentials for a Perfect Office Kitchen

When you furnish and equip your office kitchen, you have to keep in mind the needs and preferences of your employees because they will be using the space and they will need to have every useful item within reach. Make sure you include these 5 essential into the design of your office kitchen to make it the perfect place for your employees.

A microwave

Allow your employees to prepare their lunch at the office by offering them a microwave oven. This versatile appliance will help them cook fast 5-minutes recipes with little effort so they will enjoy a delicious meal at the office. Microwave ovens can bake, heat, defrost, and grill foods so the cooking options will satisfy the needs and tastes of every worker. The microwave oven can successfully replace the more cumbersome and large stove since it can prepare a wide range of foods.

A coffee maker

You can’t get ready for work unless you have a cup of hot and delicious coffee to have you started for the day, therefore, a coffee maker is a must-have in any office kitchen. Since there will be many people who will enjoy their cup of coffee at work, opt for a large unit that can make multiple cups of coffee at the same time. Given the large volume of coffees prepared very day, choose a quality coffee maker that will last for a long time.

A small refrigerator

An office kitchen must include a small refrigerator that will hold the snacks and drinks of the workers. You won’t need a large french door unit since you can be just fine with a compact top freezer version or eve a small-size refrigerator only.

A relaxation place

A cozy corner where people can gather and enjoy their lunch break will not only help them relax but will also make them happier and more efficient. Use your imagination and design a nice place where people will enjoy staying, where they will bond with their coworkers,and will recharge their batteries. Opt for a comfortable sofa or soft chairs where they can relax away from the computers and don’t forget about a table where they can enjoy their lunches.

Cooking utensils

Unless you want your employees to bring their own plates and forks in their suitcase, you should provide them with all the necessary utensils and tools for cooking and eating. Make sure you equip the office kitchen with everything from knives and forks to plates and salt and pepper grinders.