Oct 4, 2016

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Annual meeting of global logistics network. Why attend?

Each year, freight-forwarding networks invite their members to participate in the annual meeting. The benefits of joining a cargo alliance are pretty clear, but why should you even bother to attend a conference? Well, the truths is that there are many reasons why you should not miss the opportunity of participating in the annual gathering of your global logistics network. Meetings are held with the purpose of providing you an environment in which you can do business and, of course, get to catch sigh of your fellow members. You may wonder what drives some members to not take part in such an activity. Some are unenthusiastic mostly due to the locations, while others simply do not grasp the outcomes of such an event. If you have not yet arrived at a decision, you may want to read these arguments.

Boosting your business

When you become member of a freight-forwarding network, you get the chance to collaborate with partners across countries and oceans. However, you rarely discuss in person with the persons that you work with. On the other hand, at the annual meeting you will be able to actually meet them. Not only will you discover that you have a lot in common with many of the people there, but also you can take advantage of the occasion to create a relationship. As you know very well, one of the biggest issues of the international trade is the fact that multinational companies dominate it. Small and medium-sized companies have no way of winning unless they join their forces. If you do not go, then you will not be able to establish contact with reliable and professional freight forwarders and implicitly make your business visible.

Getting away from business problems

Not everyone can be a freight forwarder. The truth is that it takes more than a phone and good internet connection to make it in this business. In the logistics industry, you are selling information and, most important, access. Even if you are successful with what you are doing, there are times when the stress of work gets hold of you. What you should do is take a break from it all and attend the annual meeting of your freight network. You will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at an interesting location, not to mention that you can promote your enterprise. An annual gathering is a profitable opportunity for someone who is determined to gain customers. If not, you can sit back and relax.

Showing a positive attitude

Freight networks make considerable efforts to tend to the needs of their members. The least you can do is be present at the annual conference. By attending, you are actually proving your commitment, which is not negligible. Caring more about the cargo alliance does not only show in the results that you produce.  While you may have to be require to travel around the world, at least you enjoy a special conference. When you are invited to one, you should better go and represent your company. You never know what this can do to your image.