Apr 18, 2016

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Best Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Your Business

When you are running a business with several employees, it’s very important that you provide them with the right working environment that will help them yield higher. It’s essential that you take into account the quality of the indoor air so the activity will be developed in the cleanest and safest working environment. Below, you have the best indoor air quality solutions that will ensure the perfect environment for your business.

Ensure a proper ventilation

For your smoking employees, it’s best that you design a well-ventilated smoking area where they can feel at ease without polluting the air everyone is breathing. Allow them to smoke in an area with a vent installed so the cigarette smoke will immediately be taken outside. Avoid allowing the employees to smoke in areas with poor ventilation because this will affect the quality of the air in the entire office.

Clean the air ducts

Always make sure that the air ducts are clean by calling a professional team specialized in cleaning air ducts and replacing air filters. The air conditioners must be cleaned regularly to avoid impurities from spreading inside the office. Have professionals come and remove the grates, the vents, and the filters and perform a thorough cleaning.

Remove air impurities

Given that the air can be contaminated with printer toner and plenty of dust from all the paperwork, you must install air purifiers that will eliminate the air pollutants. This device captures and retains air impurities that lower the quality of the indoor air so you will breathe cleaner air at the office. Depending on the size of the office, you can either opt for a large unit that can handle large amounts of air or you can use several smaller units that you can place along the room.

Adjust the air humidity level

It’s very important that you perform an air quality test from time to time in order to detect potential air contaminants that can jeopardize the health of your employees. You can always resort to the help of a mold inspector that will detect any sign of mold that might interfere with the quality of the indoor air at your office. Since mold is caused by an increased level of air humidity, you must look for effective solutions. Take care of the air humidity level by using a dehumidifier that absorbs water vapors from the air so the air moisture will reach a healthy and comfortable level.