Aug 30, 2016

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How can food photography help you boost your business

If you are the owner of a bakery, restaurant or butchery, you most certainly know the importance of visually promoting your business. Beautiful advertising can transmit a lot about your business, products and production process. Many have found that hiring a food photographer helped them to promote their business in an effective manner.

1. Create a web domain for your business

A web domain is a good way to promote any business. If you run a bakery or butchery or even a restaurant, a web domain is a good way to put your products in a wonderful light. Expose the process to the final products without revealing too much in order to maintain the customers interest in your products alive. Hire a professional food photographer and have them photograph your ingredients, the process and the final products, the kitchen they are baked in order to create a more personal relationship with your clients.

2. Share the photos of your food on social platforms

Creating a Facebook or Instagram account for your business and constantly uploading photos of your products in order to maintain your customer’s interest alive in an easy way of advertising. Choose the perfect cover photo and always provide some info about the ingredients used. Then lay back and watch how your business Facebook account starts growing in followers number. Maybe have a weekly shooting in your shop or restaurant in order to be able to provide the best photos for your followers. Use the location tool to make it easier for your potential clients to find you.

3. Create photo competitions on your social media platforms

Encourage your customers to post photos of the food they are making on your social media accounts and pick the best one. The prize could be either a two-person dinner or some photography training with your professional photographer. Also, encourage them to propose new recipes they would like to eat from your restaurant or bakery and award the one you like the most.

4. Create an appealing menu using photos of your food

To increase the chances of your customers to buy more from you, try to create a menu in which to include professional photos of your products. Imagery is a power tool of convincing people and you should take advantage of it. Always update the photos depending on what it might be on the menu and always try new settings. Follow your photographer’s advice because they know best what kind of visual context complements the best your products.

If you work in the food industry this ideas might help you to boost your business. Becoming popular on social media might help you to extend your business in other locations. If you hire a professional food photographer, the success is guaranteed. Not only they have the eye for the perfect setting, but they also have the skills to process the photograph in order to put your products in the best light.