May 29, 2017

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How to make your employees happy – Virtual office address


If you notice that your employee’s productivity is registering lower levels lately, it would be a great idea to assess what the sources of their discontent are and try to remediate them. However, we noticed a surprising fact, that when employees are working from home, their productivity levels arise considerably. As a solution, virtual office addresses like the ones offered by increased the levels of productivity of numerous employees considerably. But let’s see what determines this increase of productivity.

No more commute time lost in the morning

One negative aspect of having a physical office is generated by the great amounts of time lost by employees in the morning and evening with their commute. This usually means approximately two hours lost daily, that are added to the regular working schedule. Ultimately, employees become exhausted with their full schedules and are more likely to drop in their productivity as a result. It has been prove that those working from home are, in fact, more likely to register higher levels of productivity and accomplish their deadlines before the actual established date. Consider this option if your employees seem to be a bit more exhausted and if the type of business you run allows you.

No more off-days

Normally, if an employee has to deal with some personal issues, they would take a day off for them. However, when working from home, they have the opportunity of resolving those personal issues and then recover the time spent by doing so in the evening. Which they will most certainly do. Thus, the number of days off taken by each of them will decrease considerably in the span of a year. This translates in more hour worked for you and your company, and as a result, increased profits.

More time spent with their families

Being a parent and an employee at the same time might leave your employees unhappy with their lives and status as an employees. Especially women are more likely to quit their jobs in order to have more time for their children and partners. However, when working in a virtual office, practically from home, this allows them to interact in a healthy manner with every member of their families, while they also deal with work-related issues and tasks.

These are some ways in which a virtual office might improve the productivity levels your employees have. Consider this option is you notice low satisfaction levels amongst them.