May 26, 2016

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How to save money when organising a wedding


Organising a wedding is always quite expensive, especially when the bride and groom are very specific with what they want. However, there are a few ways in which you can meet their budget, without having to compromise on too many things.

Consider a wedding marquee

Rather than renting a festivity hall or restaurant that will surely make an important hole in your budget, wedding marquee hire London is an excellent alternative. The venue will be just as elegant and you can decorate it just like the bride wants. In fact, wedding marquees make the event special and unique and allow the guests to feel comfortable. The bride and groom can hold the wedding anywhere they might want, because marquees can be installed virtually anywhere.


Rent anything that can be rent

Many grooms hurry up to buy a variety of items that they will only be using that day, without realising that almost everything can be rent from somewhere. Whether you want certain linen for the tables or various centrepieces to decorate everything, you will surely find everything you need when you collaborate with a reliable supplier. While some brides choose to even rent their wedding dress, there certainly are other fields where you can save money and allow the bride to feel beautiful and unique on her wedding day.


Serve signature cocktails

There is no secret the fact that alcohol is among the biggest expenses at a wedding and one of the easiest ways to save money is to suggest the bride and groom to opt for a couple of signature cocktails that will mainly be made using the same type of alcohol. This way they won’t have to spend money on too many types of alcohol and the savings will be significant.


Choose seasonal or local flowers

The flowers are also a big expense, which is why you should suggest your clients seasonal flowers, which will always be less expensive than out-of-bloom flowers. In addition, they will always be able to look over their wedding photos and remember their wedding based on the flowers they used. For instance, tulips look amazing for a spring wedding, while sunflower is always a great choice for summer events.


Skip the favours

Favours have not been fashionable for several seasons now, but some brides still like the idea of them. However, as the main event organiser in charge of their event, you should inform the couple that favours are no longer in style and that a bowl of candy will be more enjoyed by their guests.


To conclude, these are just a few tips that can help anyone maintain their wedding within budget and save them a lot of money in the process. The event will be just as beautiful and elegant, but your clients will not have to go over budget in order to have the wedding on their dreams. It is always best to have several wedding suppliers on speed call, just so that you know for sure who to call whenever you need something.