Apr 20, 2016

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How to Save Money when Sourcing Custom Adhesives

In the business world, it is never a good idea to overspend simply for the sake of it. Which is precisely why the vast majority of businesses in need of adhesive products will make a beeline for the first provider they come across that appears to be offering a great deal. The only problem being that when it comes to any given custom adhesive or 3M Tape Supplier, there’s a very big and very important difference between low prices and value for money.

Of course, in an ideal world you will be looking for the perfect balance of both – low prices and great value for money. But it’s not always easy to come across – especially for those who simply go for the first deal they find. Saving money and coming out with truly outstanding products is certainly possible, it simply requires a little proactivity and forethought.

Here’s a quick rundown of a few tried and tested tips for saving money when sourcing custom adhesives, without compromising quality:


1 – Know What You Need

First of all, given the fact that you are ordering a custom adhesive product, you are perfectly within your rights to be as picky as you like. Assuming that the product you are looking to source has a very specific purpose, the first step is to think carefully about said purpose and create a blueprint for exactly what it is you need. This means taking into account things like ease of application, drying times, health and safety, packaging size and type – pretty much every aspect of the product from start to finish. This is important because if you are not specific, you may find yourself supplied with a custom adhesive with properties which although impressive go above and beyond what you need…meaning more expense.

2 – Think Long-Term

In any instance where the adhesive products you plan to order will be required further down the line or on an on-going basis, it is definitely in your best interests to consider arranging a bulk order. Either that or something of a long-term repeat-order deal, as in doing so you will inherently be offered a much better deal that you would for a one-off purchase. It’s the usual case of avoiding the temptation to spend as little as possible right now, which over time will only result in spending much more than you had to. Bulk orders don’t make sense if it’s a one-time only demand, but if you know you are going to need more of the stuff going forward, you might as well get it ordered straight away and enjoy the savings!

3 – Samples and Prototypes

You should not allow yourself to get into a situation where you have an extensive range of products that are of no real use to you. But it might happen…unless you ensure that the company you work with is willing to offer samples and/or prototypes of whatever it is you plan to order, before going ahead with the full bulk order. It’s basically a case of verifying that what’s being manufactured on your behalf is exactly what you want and need. Availability of samples will vary in accordance with the nature of the product and the extent of the order, but if you plan on ordering a lot (or ordering on a repeat basis), it really isn’t too much to ask for samples ahead of time.

4 – An All-Inclusive Service Package

To work with a single service provider from start to finish will almost always be easier, cheaper and more convenient than trying to deal with multiple service providers all at the same time. From the first initial consultation to product design to manufacture and right through to packaging, if you can work with a company able to tick every box from start to finish, you’re almost guaranteed to save plenty of time and money. And of course, the importance of dealing with the service provider directly as opposed to working with middlemen is self-explanatory.

5 – Guarantees

Last but not least, any service provider that has full confidence in both the quality of the products they are producing and the value for money on offer should be able to offer full guarantees covering both. As already touched upon earlier, there’s a big difference between low prices and value for money, but at the same time this doesn’t mean you should be expected to overpay. The simple fact of the matter is that if any given service provider will not back what they do with any kinds of guarantees, it’s in your best interests to find one that will.