May 30, 2017

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How to Spot Middlemen When Buying Bespoke Adhesives


Right now in Great Britain, there are effectively two types of businesses selling custom adhesive products. On one hand, you have the manufacturers themselves, which design, manufacture, package and distribute their products directly to those who order them. On the other, you have the resellers and middlemen, which take orders from customers and relate them on to the manufacturers on their behalf.

Now, in both instances it is true to say that the end customer definitely has the ability to get hold of exactly the products they require. In addition, they may also do so for a price they consider to be acceptable. Nevertheless, it’s true to say that when dealing with middlemen of any kind, you only ever complicate and potentially delay the order process, while at the same time paying more than necessary.

After all, it’s not as if resellers and middlemen do what they do out of the goodness of their hearts…it’s all for profit.

But given the fact that so many resellers these days do their best to come across as direct dealers, how is it possible to spot (and therefore avoid) middlemen?

1 – Site Quality

Well, first of all it’s usually possible to determine if you are dealing directly with the manufacturer itself simply by checking the overall quality and content of the website. Generally speaking, you will not come across a third-party reseller with a website that features nearly as much in-depth and professional information as the manufacturer itself. In addition, the website of 3M tape suppliers will also usually feature things like details of professional affiliations and partnerships, case studies and success stories, history of the brand and generally a good insight into what they do and how they do it. With resellers and middlemen, it’s usually a case of nothing but pure focus on the product itself, rather than the business behind it.

2 – Professionalism

The same also goes for professionalism, as while many resellers may be able to do a great job passing products on to others, this doesn’t necessarily mean they tick all the right boxes when it comes to professionalism. This is something that is usually relatively easy to ascertain, simply by giving them a quick call and evaluating the result. When dealing with an established and reputable business directly, you can expect nothing but complete professionalism and comprehensive support from start to finish. By contrast, things often aren’t quite as polished and professional when it comes to middleman.

3 – Delayed Response to Questions

Following along the same lines, one of the most effective and indeed easy ways of putting a service provider to the test is to do exactly that. As in, test their knowledge, experience and capacity to deliver with a few important questions.  In most instances, middlemen and resellers will indeed be able to answer questions, but only after they have been relayed to the manufacturer in question. By contrast, working with the manufacturer directly means gaining immediate access to all the answers and professional support you are likely to need. If it is necessary for the seller in question to make enquiries before being able to answer rudimentary questions, chances are you are working with a reseller.

4 – Reviews and Feedback

You should also be able to gain a good insight into the seller you are dealing with by taking out the reviews and feedback left by others. Generally speaking, you’ll find everything you need to know to make the right decision. Nevertheless, you might find there is little to no feedback available whatsoever – or that the feedback published by the seller in question seems a little slanted or synthetic. Nevertheless, you usually only need to carry out a couple of Google searches to find out both whom you are dealing with and whether or not they are simply a middleman.

5 – Contact Details

Last up, you might find out quite literally everything you need to know by checking nothing more than the contact details of the supplier in question. The thing is, if it is indeed a reliable, reputable and established manufacturer you are dealing with directly, you will see the full name and address of the business, its contact telephone number, domain-specific e-mail address and so on.  By contrast, if all you come across is a residential address, a mobile telephone number and a generic Gmail address, this is usually all the evidence needed to confirm you are in fact looking at a middleman.