Apr 26, 2016

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Local Exhaust Ventilation – Essential details employers should know

If you are an employer who is looking for a way of transforming his factory into a healthier one for his employees, then you might definitely have heard about LEV. It is a method designed to meet the law regulations, which reduces the workers’ exposure to dust and fumes generated in the working process. You have to know that once you decided to install this equipment, you will benefit from many advantages, but you also have to contract a company as www.levtesting.co.uk/, to come and test the system periodically. You might think that you do not have to evaluate the system, because you have purchased it from a reliable company, which guaranteed you that you will experience no issues with it, but you should know that it is a legal requirement for the employer to maintain the working conditions.

What the testing of the system implies

You might not know what the examination of the system implies, because you do not have it installed for a long period, and you considered that you do not have to check its state. The fact is that not you are the person who has to evaluate it, because a professional company should do it. The regulations of the area are asking for a proper maintenance of the LEV system, and the test has the role to check if you are doing so. Also you should know that the rules are stating that you have to protect the health of your employees and, this implies providing continuous protection. It is recommended to have this examination at every 14 months and keep its record for at least 5 years. When the evaluator comes, you have to provide him information about the installed LEV system to show them that it offers adequate protection for your employees.

What the purpose of the test is

This test has the purpose to see if the LEV system is working as effectively as in the moment when it was installed, and if it functions at the levels, it was intended to do. You will not be able to state if it is as reliable as it used to be, so an examiner will come and analyse it. He will offer you the result of the test in the form of a commissioning report or initial appraisal, which will contain all the details, and in case there is something that does not work properly, you will find it thoroughly explained.

Who can do the examination

It is recommend collaborating with a specialised company when the time for a test comes, because you have to be sure that the person is able to identify possible issues. The examination requires special skills, and it will be impossible to undertake it by your own. The examiner has to analyse the information about the equipment, and examine it to see if it is still working at the level of performance it used to do. It is important to collaborate with a reliable and experienced company, if you want to have a detailed and complex report.