Jul 4, 2016

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Marketing ideas for your cleaning supplies company


Regardless what industry your company operates in, one of the most important facets you, as the manager of that company, have to handle is promoting the business. A strong marketing campaign helps you increase the number of potential clients as well as your profits. In the past years, various companies that provide cleaning supplies have emerged on the market. Visit this website if you want to see one strong competitor your company might have. If you want to build an effective marketing campaign, consider these useful tips.

Online marketing – the key to success

Ever since the beginnings of the internet, people have understood that it can be a very powerful advertising tool and nowadays it has actually become the most powerful one. Many promotional agencies claim that they cannot even build a marketing campaign without including the internet. It is recommended to start with creating a website for your company, so you should start looking for the best web developer. Make sure the developer is a professional and experienced one and can design you a website to match your needs and interests. However, you should not rely on the website only as far as the online marketing campaign is concerned. Social networks have a great influence too, so create some accounts on the most popular networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Both the website and the social networks are not only a way to promote your business, but also a great method to keep in contact with your clients and customers.

Logo on cars and uniforms

Moving from the online world to the real one, another great promoting method is to offer your employees uniforms that have either printed or embroidered the company’s logo on them. In case your company also deals with delivering the ordered products to the clients, you should definitely consider printing the logo and even a phone number from the company onto your cars, so the moment people see one of your cars on the road, they can save the phone number or write down the website and learn more details about your services and products.


As outdated as this method might sound like, you should know it is still applied in today’s marketing industry and it is quite efficient. You have to admit that not everyone has internet access and not everyone can memorize a phone number the moment one of your cars passes by them. A piece of paper on the other hand can be more useful, especially for elderly people for instance, so spreading leaflets across the city seems like a great marketing idea. You can hire some students eager to make some pocket money if you want.

Special offers

In the beginning, it is recommended to put at your clients’ disposal some special offers, because nothing runs faster than news related to special discounts. You can think of different offers to provide your clients with. This way, there are high chances you increase the number of clients in a shorter amount of time.