Apr 25, 2016

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Offer your employees ribbon wrapped gifts to motivate them

As a business owner, you know that the heart of your company are the employees. They are the ones who produce the goods, offer the services, keep in touch with the clients, and receive the feedback. You might have the wrong impression that you are the one who is behind all of these, but you have to take a moment and realise that without their hard work, your idea could not get a shape, and by your own you would had not be able to grow such a company. Therefore, from time to time you have to use little tricks to show your employees your gratitude, and what better method you could use, than offering them surprise gifts wrapped in sheer ribbon UK. Moreover, the gifts might be surprise ones, but this does not mean that you do not have to pay attention to details. Take a look at these ideas.


You might think that you are living in a society where no one reads books, but this is not actually true, because there are many online libraries, which are continually growing, because people still read, but they do not share it to the others so much. Therefore, you have the possibility to offer all your employees books, but choose different ones for every one of them. You can simply wrap the books with ribbon in the colour of your company logo, or you can place them in a box and tie it with a big bow. Do not forget to attach a “Thank you!’ card to it.

Chocolate and flowers

These are classic gifts, because everyone likes to receive chocolate and flowers. You have the possibility to contact a local company and ask it to make some special boxes for you, because they do not have to be as large as the ones from the market, and it is advisable to use boxes that have written on them the name of your company. You can choose different types of chocolate for achieving diversity, and your employees will see that you care about them, and you are grateful for their hard work. After receiving the chocolate boxes, tie them with ribbon bows, in different colours, and place them on the desks of your employees. In case the majority of your employees are women, then nothing is easier than buying them, flowers bouquets. Use spring flowers, and tie their stems with printed ribbon with a message and your signature on it.