Aug 29, 2017

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Personalizing your business image with simple tricks

Being unique in a period when everything started to be quite alike is extremely hard to achieve, but there are methods you didn’t even thought about that can help you obtain the desired result. In an era of technology everyone is forgetting about the very palpable world that can be much more resourceful than the virtual one. How long it’s been since you’ve last sent a real correspondence mail? It was probably a lot longer than you can remember. People nowadays tend to bring everything in the online environment: bills, offers, contracts or even official letters. Doing so instantly changes the way we perceive a business image by the simple fact you won’t be able to observe details such as paper quality, envelope design and so on. It is much more efficient to be both visual and material in a world that craves this kind of contact. Here are some methods to personalize your business without the help of Internet or social media:


Although this might seem like an out-dated method to gain popularity among clients, correspondence can actually be a game changer if you know how to use it. For instance, Tension Envelope offers a large variety of products to choose when you want to step up and do something unique that your competitors stopped doing. Many people prefer the old-fashioned way of doing things and miss feeling the actual paper in their hands. Focusing your attention on designing an eye-catching design for your envelope and making sure both your potential and actual clients get them will surely bring a benefit to your already growing business. It will require a small investment but it will be worth it later on when you track the results.

Magazine ads

Talking about people who prefer holding paper in their own hands rather than struggling to read an email should make you wonder if online advertisement market strategies worth it. Of course, all types of marketing have its purpose, but magazine ads will surely be noticed by the restricted sector of people who want to relive the feeling of actual paper in their hands. Buying ads on famous magazines will instantly have an impact on your business’ popularity. Plus, people tend to keep every magazine they are buying and search through them when they feel like it. This is a great opportunity both for you and them to find your ad again and remember what kind of services you are offering.


Banners can be quite costly, but the impact they are having on people who pass by the street is tremendous. Personalizing your image with the help of them is quite easy because of their visibility. Banners can differ in size so you will have the opportunity to choose exactly what you would like to present on them. Eye-catching banners are a big part of the whole marketing and personalization strategy. Keeping your image clean will help clients remember your specific visuals and recognize your banners in an instant.