Apr 15, 2016

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Salon software – the only marketing tool small salon owners need

One of the most important elements in the road to owning a successful and profitable hair salon is creating a suitable and workable advertising campaign. Unfortunately, many salon owners learn how to market their business the trial and error, which is not only costly, but also inefficient. What you need to do in order to grow your small business is to devise an appropriate marketing strategy and to promote your salon using salon software. With the right application you will be able to increase client retention and to create email marketing campaigns. Without using advertisement, you will not be able to improve the reach of your business or the amount of customers at your salon.

Keeping customers coming back

The fact is that marketing does not and after the conversion of the client, in fact marketing represents the first step. It will cost you on average seven times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, so customer retention is too important and at the same time too expensive to overlook. Customer retention involves so much more than keeping customers, it implies making them happy. By providing your salon customers a great experience, you will give them a reason to spread the word about your small business. To take care of your customers, you will need not only a good product and good skills, but also to provide a great service. What you need to do is to pay special attention to the clients’ preferences, namely what formulas they like and what hairstyles they like. If you take a personal interest in your clients, they will be happy to keep on coming back.

Say goodbye to inactivity with targeted emails

Taking into consideration the overwhelming breakthrough of social media, it is safe to say that email marketing is on the brink of death. Wrong. Email marketing is till effective and it is probable the most profitable means of marketing. Email marketing offers countless opportunities for your small business and a better return for your investment. You have the opportunity of creating deeper relationships with a wide audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Thanks to salon software, you can gather detailed information about the client, such as email, occupation, phone, mailing address and more. You can use this information to keep your clients engaged by creating email marketing campaigns. The great thing is that you can tailor the content of the email to the needs of the clients.

Proactive marketing

Sending out an email to your entire client database is literally a thing of the past. Now you have the ability to filter your list and implicitly segment your clients. For instance, you have the possibility to filter clients that are due for specific services be setting up email campaigns. It will save you time and the marketing process is highly efficient. If the customer is completely inactive, then you will not have anything to lose by trying to bring them back. It does not hurt to remind them of their previous experience.