Jul 24, 2017

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Smart marketing strategies for your handmade business

When it comes to advertising a business, things tend to become confusing for many small business owners. However, if you are in the handmade sphere, most certainly you have plenty of great ideas when it comes to putting your products into the best light possible. Maybe your products are hair bow ribbons and you want to put them into a great light. This is easy to accomplish, if you follow some simple and effective marketing and advertising strategies. Keep close if you want to find out more.

1. Send promotional materials to your clients

For instance, if your products are manufactured from ribbons, maybe create some great business cards in which to integrate these amazing pieces. Order some regular business cards and punch two holes at the upper end. Then insert a small piece of thin ribbon through the holes and tie a small bow. When trying to advertise handmade products, you want to emphasise the quality and attention to details, and this is a great method to show how patient and careful you are. Maybe pick a great, unexpected business card design, and use the ribbons to put into a great light their features. Your clients will surely appreciate it. The promotional materials products in which you invest might as well be pens, beautifully packed in classy pen boxes, finished off with a delicate ribbon. The options are endless, if you use your imagination.

2. Your products must tell a story

Consumers are tired of products that aren’t telling a story. Especially in handmade businesses, people must be telling a story to succeed in a chaotic and meaningless market. Make sure to create products that have a meaning, find inspiration in nature and things that surround you. Sellers that are able to tell a story have higher chances to build a trusty brand and gain an impressive audience. Consider this a free advice when you start thinking and designing your products.

3. Never stop experimenting

Say that you manufacture toys from ribbons. What other products could you create by using the same supplies? Maybe integrate them into holiday cards? Maybe create accessories? Only you can find out, but you must never stop experimenting and creating new and interesting products. This is how many handmade businesses became notorious on local markets, and this might help you as well.