May 5, 2017

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Some common questions about self-ink rubber stamps


Buying self ink rubber stamps may seem like an easy thing to do, but, sometimes there are people who make mistakes when it comes to their choices. Therefore, in order to make things clear, here are some common questions about these ink rubber stamps. Read them carefully, because these small tools are more important than they seem.

Why are self-ink rubber stamps such a popular choice in Singapore?

First of all, there are company owners who say that investing in stamps is definitely a way of protecting their documents. There are many cases of fraud in Singapore, but using self-ink stamps is a good way of avoiding these incidents, due to the fact that, usually, they are more difficult to falsify. Secondly, these ink stamps are a good way of showing your clients or business partners that you are that kind of person who pays attention to details when it comes to his/ her company. There are many people who say that they trust those companies which personalise their documents, by using ink stamps. Of course, there is also true that there are some tools which include a regular text such as “approved”, “paid” or “sent”.

How do self-ink rubber stamps usually work?

Their principle is quite simple. Self-ink rubber stamps are based on two ingredients: water and ink. On the other hand, you can also find pre-inked rubber stamps which are based on oil and ink. Those from the last category usually prove a better alternative because they are more resistant.

Which are the most common types of ink stamps?

When it comes to these tools, the ink is the most important aspect. For example, you can opt for dye ink which is usually used on a variety of materials, due to its resistance to fading. For example, in case you are the owner of a small photography studio, you can mark your photos by using these types of ink stamps on photograph paper because they are quite resistant. Other types of stamps that you can choose are those which are based on pigment inks. The main characteristic of these tools is the fact that they are brighter. But, even if it sounds like a great idea, you should know that their consistency is thicker. Watermark ink stamps and embossing ink stamps are also two popular choices. The watermark ones are great for text-weight paper, whereas the second ones are recommended for those who want to form patterns. Choose your favourite, according to your needs.

How can you identify a reliable ink stamp provider from Singapore?

It is quite simple. You just have to search for those with experience. Call the real experts from Singapore and ask them to help you choose your products. Also, a good idea is to search for reviews. There are many that you can find online. But, if you feel like this is not enough, you can try to order a few stamps and find which one fits you best. The experts say that each of your departments should have its own stamp.