Jun 4, 2015

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The Costs of Opening a Beauty Salon

Are you planning to open a beauty salon, but you have no idea what steps you must follow? Are you worrying about the costs that something like this involves? For you and other people that are in such a confusing situation, we have made a short list of the costs of opening a beauty salon, in order to help you make an idea about what a business like this involves.

What type of equipment is required

You must make a list and write down all the equipment you need and want to have in your salon. What type of salon do you want to have? Do you want to have a salon where people can cut their hair, do their manicure, and also put professional make-up? If you want all these departments in your beauty salon, then you will definitely need a long list of equipment. For example, you will need a few chairs, one or two sinks, hair dryers, massive mirrors, and a receptionist desk. You also have the option to rent a place that already has an equipment like this. However, the costs for an equipment like this will be around $30.000.

Make a list of the supplies you will need

You must seriously take into account the costs of opening a beauty salon, in order to see if you can afford or not to start a business like this. Besides the equipment that is required, you will also need supplies such as towels, hair capes, sanitizers, washer, dryer, perm rods, brushes, and so on. Depending on the brand you will choose, these supplies can cost up to $20.000. Therefore, you must make sure that for a business like this you have the right budget, in order to be able to offer to your client everything he desires and needs.

Do not forget about the start-up costs

You must also take into account the start-up costs. A place that can be easily transformed into a beauty salon can usually be rented for about $1.000 if it is empty. In case the place comes with the necessary equipment, then you will probably pay a lot more. Keep in mind that you will not only pay the rent, but for the deposit, utilities and the insurance as well, and all these fees will probably range up to $10.000. Furthermore, you will probably need an attorney to review and negotiate the contract for rent, and this will cost you some extra money as well. All these costs must be added to your list before you actually start a business like this.