May 10, 2016

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The key to telehandler market success

Until a few years ago, compact telehandlers served niche markets as well as the construction industry. In the year 2008, for instance, approximately 6,000 units were sold, even twice earlier in the decade. Since 2008, the telescopic handler market has been hurting. But things seem to be going on a different path. According to a report from the Research and Market, the telehandler market will witness a significant growth in the global market. The telescopic handler business is growing at a faster pace than the construction equipment business, which is largely due to the growth in knowledge of contractors and operators about the versatility of teleporter and the possibility of telehandler hire. So, what determines to telehandler market success?

The rental industry

There is no doubt that construction equipment technology attracts many organisations across the industry. The only issue is that small and medium-sized enterprises cannot afford to buy such equipment due to the very high cost. This is why they prefer to rent. The high costs explain the sudden development of the rental construction equipment market and it is important to say that rental fleets form the largest customer segment of the telehandler market. Thanks to increased collaboration between construction equipment manufacturers and rental fleet owners, the products are designed according to the needs of the customer. The number of teleporter manufacturers entering into agreements with rental fleet owners to supply telescopic handler increase by the minute.

The revival of the construction industry  

Probably the biggest user of telescopic handlers is the construction industry. It is no secret that the construction industry has been expanding for some years now and the chances are that you will see a telescopic handler on just about every job site. Telehandlers are real horses in the early stages of construction projects, reason why they are used to a high extent. They are the only piece of equipment that workers can rely on the field. Why do they prefer renting? The need for continuous support and maintenance is costly and increased operational costs lead to reduced profitability.

The need for infrastructure development

Infrastructure development directly impacts the economy and the need for better infrastructure results in the high demand for telescopic handler. It is needless to say that telescopic handlers are useful in a variety of activities. Infrastructure construction projects as well as the growth of the industrial activity have led to an obvious growth of the telehandler market, since the economic conditions of developed countries continue to boom, so will the market for teleporters in these countries.

What about technological advancements?

As mentioned before, telescopic handlers are designed to be even more efficient than before, which you are likely to see a change in the engine and hydraulic system. Manufacturers have been working non-stop on producing hydraulic pumps, which are efficient and provide the necessary output. Manufacturers are also focusing their efforts on making these machines fuel-efficient as well. Now, telehandlers can be used for various processes, which means that they are not limited to just picking and placing. They are fully capable of replacing other machines on the construction site and it does not come as a surprise that they are more and more demanded.