Apr 3, 2015

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Tips for Conducting Online Market Research

Everything is easier and faster these days and it’s all due to the digital technology age that we live in. Online market research might be a fairly new industry, but people choose it over traditional market research because it’s faster and it consumes fewer resources. If you are a market researcher yourself and you want to get better at conducting your studies, read the following lines to get some useful tips on online market research.

Define your research goals

The first step when conducting an online market research is to define your research goals. To have a better grasp on how to handle the research itself, you have to clearly define or identify your objectives. Pay close attention when handling this step because it will help you meet your objectives faster. To make sure that you are doing a perfect job at defining your research goals, first ask yourself about what you want to know. Define what you want to know and from whom. If you do it, your research will proceed with more direction. This way you will surely set the appropriate questions and methods and it will be easier to identify the target audience.

Identify your respondents

To find out the answers that you need, it’s important to set qualifications for the respondents. This way, your research will be accurate. You should design the plan for your respondents before you decide on the research method that you will use. The sampling criteria that you should use when you identify your respondents includes geographic location, profession, product use, primary facility type, and areas of interest. If you create broad respondent qualifications you will have larger sample sizes. If you create more specific respondent qualifications you will narrow the number of targeted people and you will have smaller sample sizes.

Design an effective research method

The research method that you create must be designed to deliver only the information you need. To create the perfect design you first have to write clear, short and precise questions. Each of these questions should only ask for one piece of information. Avoid questions that point to a preference answer. For example, avoid writing questions that have a yes/no answer. When you write the questions, make sure to give the respondents opt-out options. To stimulate the respondents and to engage them in the research, use multimedia. Also, make the survey short and simple. A survey should be completed within 10 minutes. This is the target time that you should aim for as well.

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