May 4, 2016

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Tips for flawless DIY cards

Offering someone a gift should be something very thoughtful and personal. We all know the struggle of finding the perfect present for dear ones both on birthdays and during winter holiday season. However, after choosing the gift you also have to pick a beautiful card where you can express some thoughts and feelings elated to the occasion. Of course, there are plenty of options available in libraries and dedicated stores, but if you want something actually special, you should do the business card yourself. Have you ever thought about this alternative? Card making is a simple and enjoyable crafting activity for you, not to mention that it really proves how much you care about the person you are offering the card to. In addition to this, it helps you save money and add a personal touch to the present. Although you are a beginner, you will be happy to find out that specialised shops provide plenty of materials, matrixes and tools you can use for the most perfect DIY projects. Besides this, you also need to know some great tips that will help you work like a pro. Here are some of them:

Use pencil marks as guidelines

No matter what you are about to create, you cannot do it from the first attempt, without following a certain patters. For this reason, you should always have a pencil on hand for sketching the guidelines you have to follow. You can search for tutorials and see how experts draw light lines they then fill in with colours or even fabric. Once you do this, you have to clean these marks using a soft erase and make sure you do not scratch the surface. All the residues will be left behind and you will get the perfect colourful shapes and forms.

Emphasise certain elements

In order to create a deepen effect and stress on certain elements from a patterned card stock, you can try to clean emboss a sentiment after stamping the pattern. This is a tip most people will not tell you, although it is quite relevant for your crafting project. If you do this, the letters you want emphasised are going to appear a bit darker and thicker than the rest. Of course, the difference depends on your preferences, since you can choose any intensity you want.

Use qualitative materials

Whether you are thinking about something simple that requires only filling in the blanks, or something more intricate, with ribbon, glitter and ink stamp, you need to use qualitative products.  This way, you already have the certitude that your card will be long lasting and good looking. Make sure you purchase from a specialised shop offering dedicated materials for DIY projects. You will be surprised by the multitude of products they have in stock and you can also get new ideas about what you can actually do using them. Visit an online store and see what you can get!