Jun 22, 2017

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Tips for foreign business travel


You may be nervous when you have to plan an international business trip, because it involves aspects different from a trip you would do in your own country. The majority of people fuss over details as what to pack, the flight itinerary and the scheduling meetings when they plan a business trip. But an international trip will require some research because you have to understand the culture, the protocols and etiquette associated with the country where you travel. There are basic guidelines available online, but the information they provide is not enough and it is advisable to hire one of the local interpreters, because they can introduce you into the culture of the place. You will have to prepare for encountering foreign business partners, but you will also have to make sure that you will get maximum value of the time you spend there, so you should be organised and make a plan from home.

Hire a local guide

Specialists recommend businesspersons who are travelling for the first time to a foreign country to hire a local guide. You may be sceptical in following this piece of advice, because you may have the misconception that all they would do, would be to talk robotically about things and just generally be useless. You will discover that hiring a local guide is a convenient and smart way to make the most of the time spent there, and they will offer you great help in making yourself understood in the front of your business partners. According to your schedule, they will help you plan activities and they will try to maximise the layover. You may have the idea of checking things out by yourself, but when you are on a business trip, you want to make sure that you do not miss your flight and that you do not get lost in trying to get to our partners’ headquarters. So hiring a local guide seems the best thing you can do, in order to be able to keep peace of ming on your trip.

Learn the native language

Yes, you will not speak fluently, and you will still need to hire a local guide to help you whilst you are there, but your business partners will appreciate your attempt. You should either hire a translation agency, or learn the language, in case the persons you will have to talk with do not speak English or they do not feel comfortable speaking it. It is advisable to seek a local guide who knows your language and could help you hold conversations whilst being there. If you want to make sure that your business trip would be a successful one.

Seek information on the culture

You will have to spend some time in learning about the culture, history and customs of the country you will visit. It is important to know more about their specific negotiating styles, gift-giving customs, attitudes towards punctuality and the proper use of titles and names. For example in the Latin countries it is tolerable to be late for a business meeting, but in Japan it is not acceptable, this type of situation you want to avoid at all costs to leave a good impression.