Sep 4, 2017

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Trade Vitality – The Best Tool for Monitoring Your Retailers

As a manufacturer working with numerous retailers and distributors, you have very little control on how your products are advertised or in what conditions they are sold. The truth is that the bigger your business gets, the more challenging it becomes to monitor your retailers. However, even if you could monitor them, you can’t force them to sell your products in certain conditions or demand your retailers to sell your products at a certain price. The only area in which you have a certain level of control is the advertised price. Today we will discuss about how the advertised price affects the image of your brand, the importance of having a MAP policy, and how Trade Vitality can help you make sure that you retailers are abiding by that policy.

Pricing and brand image

The main reason why you should establish a MAP policy is due to the fact that very low prices can affect your company’s image. If your products were severely discounted, this would cause potential customers to draw one of two possible conclusions: either your products are cheap and you are trying to rip them off with generally higher prices, or your products are of poor quality and are not selling, which is why they are constantly on sale.

MAP policy benefits

A MAP policy is a program through which you are notifying your retailers that you don’t want to have your products advertised below a certain price. Authorized retailers are forced to abide by this policy is they want to continue to work with you. By enforcing this policy, you are ensuring a balanced competition between your retailers, you are protecting your brand’s image, and you are making sure that your retailers make enough profit to afford high quality services.

Advantages of using Trade Vitality’s MAP Monitoring software

Establishing a minimum advertised price is one thing, but making sure that your retailers abide by your policy is whole ‘nother story. You could, of course, monitor your retailers manually. All you would have to do is check their online accounts periodically to make sure that they aren’t violating the policy. However, it would be impossible to manually monitor them on a daily basis, so you could be missing a lot of violations. The Trade Vitality MAP enforcement solution helps you with this problem. This solution automatically checks on all of your online retailers. Moreover, the program automatically notifies you if it discovers a violation. It even keeps a history for each retailer, so that you can see whether or not they are at their first violation. Last but not least, the program allows you to automatically contact the retailers, so that you don’t have to waste time looking for the violators’ contact information.